Picture Taken at 10 Weeks of Age
Picture Taken at 6 Weeks of Age
V Voodoo Hartis Bohemia,
ZVV1, FPR2, SchH1, KKL1
Grac Bady Ron, ZVV1
Hips X-Ray Taken at
10 Months Old
14 Months Old
14 Months Old
Czech--Alert K9 Taz RETIRED
Sire--Czech Import V Voodoo Hartis Bohemia, ZVVI, FPR2,
Dam--Czech Import Grac Bady Ron, ZVV1
We are pleased with the qualities that Taz is producing in
his offspring.  He has a loving temperament, is social and
affectionate,  has good focus, and a keen nose for
tracking.  His high quality all working import pedigree
speaks for itself.  He has matured into an exceptional adult.
Taz Daughter--11 Weeks Old
Bred Outside our Kennel
Avalon--15 Weeks Old
Taz/Cros Daughter
Aceon--15 Weeks Old
Taz/Cros Son
Actron aka Kovachi--
Taz/Cros Son
Sophie--Taz/Elli Daughter